Polymer Additives

From the very beginnings of the plastic industry, it has been necessary to add materials to a basic polymer resin in order, at least, to make it processable. It has also been clear that additive materials are necessary to modify a resin, to improve properties that are desirable, and to eliminate or mitigate properties that are undesirable.

Additives are products, normally used in small quantities, which enhance the value of materials such as plastics, paints, lubricants by improving their process-ability, performance, and appearance during manufacturing and in use.

Plastic Additives compromise a major segment of HGIPL’s product mix, with the company established as primarily being an additive supplier to the polymer industry.

We manufacture various polymer additives intended for a vast variety of product applications.

Polymer Additives
Polymer Additives
Polymer Additives
Anti-Oxidants for Polymer stabilization intended for both Petrochemical Refianaries and downstream conversion applications.
Oxidation effect degrades all polymers. As a result, Anti-Oxidants are
added in Polymers to reduce the degradation effect & control flow behavior.
Under our brand, HINOX we have both Primary and Secondary Anti-Oxidants for a vast variety of Polymers such as PP,PE,PET,PBT,ABS,HIPS,PC& EVA.

Major Grades :

AO - 1010
AO – 1010
CAS NO. 6683-19-8
AO - 1076
AO – 1076
CAS NO. 2082-79-3
AO - 168
AO – 168
CAS NO.31570-04-4
AO - B 215
AO – B 215
CAS NOS. 31570-0404 & 6683-19-8
AO - 1330
AO – 1330
CAS NO. 1709-70-2
Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) are used for providing UV protection to the base polymers. These additives are used for those applications where the polymer is continuously exposed to the degrading effects of exposure to light. They help in stabilizing the base polymer, thereby increasing the life span of the polymer in use.

Major Grades :

UV 770
UV 770
CAS NO. 52829-07-9
UV - 944
UV – 944
CAS NO. 71878-19-8
UV - 622
UV – 622
CAS NO. 65447-77-0
UV absorbers absorb UV radiation and convert it into heat. This heat is then dissipated through the plastic/polymer. UV Absorbers are typically used for Polymers such as PVC.

Major Grades :

  • UV-P (CAS NO. 2440-22-4)
  • UV 326 (CAS NO. 2440-22-4)
  • UV 327 (CAS NO. 2440-22-4)

Optical Brightners are added to camouflage the yellowness of the Polymer due to catalyst residue/effect in polymerization and also to retain the color of Polymer due to heat & shear degradation during extrusion.

CAS NO. 7128-64-5
OB -1
OB -1
CAS NO. 1533-45-5
  • Nucleating Agents.
  • Anti-Fog Additives.
  • Anti-Block & Slip Additives.